Great Pasta Dough Recipes For Use in Making Fresh Spaghetti

Making fresh spaghetti at home is fun. It is economical. And it tastes great. It also gives you a great deal of flexibility and variety. You can use other kinds of flour if you have special dietary needs (or just want to try something different for a change). You can add other tasty ingredients to give it a personalized taste (and sneak in some extra nutrition no one will know about). You can even make the pasta itself a complete protein meal by itself, simply by adding bean or dairy ingredients into the mix.

The dough recipes listed below provide you with the most popular and universal versions used to make fresh spaghetti. You can use them as a starting point to develop your own personalized versions, that will meet the particular needs, tastes and preferences of you and your table guests. To help you with this personalization, we provide popular ingredient variations and substitutions in each recipe, including some of the ones I personally use. My goal is to help you discover the joy of making fresh spaghetti at home from scratch, that you and your loved ones will enjoy eating over and over and over.

Pasta Dough Recipes:

Traditional Italian Pasta Dough – This recipe features semolina (or other flour you choose) along with eggs and olive oil. It is a classic around the world.

Very Basic Pasta Dough – This is a simpler and more economical version, based on flour and water alone (or almost alone—you can add some herbs and spices if you want).

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